Necropath: Book One of the Bengal Station Trilogy (Bengal Station Novels)

Necropath - Eric Brown Because I'm slightly obsessive, I researched a lot of different sites where people can write a review about books. I did this becuase the reviews here about Necropath were somewhat negative. I found that overall, most people at these other sites, Amazon, Chapters, etc, do not like this book much either.

I am confused as to why this is.

Necropath is a good book. It is not only good, it's close to great. What keeps it from being great are a few flaws here and there, but otherwise, Necropath has all the ingredients that make the reading experience such a pleasure to my eyes. It has flawed, complicated characters, it has a solid and very interesting plot. It is also a hard-boiled, noir-like detective story within a science fiction setting.

Either people are just too picky, or they're confused. I don't know, but I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys any of the things I described in the paragraph above. Maybe try reading it with an open mind