The New Dead: A Zombie Anthology

The New Dead: A Zombie Anthology - All stories within The New Dead are well done, but there are four that blew me away, for one reason or another--typically because they managed to frighten and/or disturb me. They are:

Lazerus by John Connolly
What Massie Knew by David Liss
Kids and Their Toys by James A. Moore
Twittering From the Circus of the Dead by Joe Hill

I'd also like to mention Family Business by Jonathan Maberry. Although this one did not disturb me, I found it very interesting and entertaining.

I was surprised that I liked the Joe Hill story so much, considering how it was written. Hill is so frigging talented, though, that he can make even the telling of an entire story in Twitter Tweets unsettling and frightening.

I recommend this anthology for these stories, if nothing else.