The Resurrectionist

The Resurrectionist - Wrath James White It is my opinion that what makes Wrath James White's The Resurrectionist so good, as with all great books, are the characters. Josh and Sarah are like real people, and I cared about them and didn't want to witness the terrible things that happen to them after Dale, a serial killer with a unique gift to resurrect the dead, moves in across the street.

Dale, who uses his power to fulfill his darkest desires, thinks that Sarah is perhaps one of the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, so he seeks to sneak into her house late at night to continuously rape, kill, and then resurrect her--not always in that order. Sarah shouldn't be able to remember what he's doing to her, and she doesn't, not completely, but there is a faint memory of Dale executing his sick passion onto her. Now, she has to convince Josh, her husband, that something is terribly wrong with their new neighbour.

The Resurrectionist is of the sickest, most twisted books I've ever read. Not for the weak of stomach or faint of heart. Dale is one of the sickest Character's I ever had the pleasure to read about, and he was fun to follow for that reason alone. I would recommend The Resurrectionist to any fan of extreme horror. And if you also like your characters to breathe off the page, you will not be disappointed.