Children of No One

Children of No One - Nicole Cushing Children of No One is a great piece of weird literature. The problem for me, however, is that I felt that there should have been more, that this story could have been expanded upon a bit more. More importantly, I would have liked to have known the characters more.

But that's a really bitchy thing to complain about, isn't it? Because what this book is is an ode to all the great classic weird fiction that has had an incredible influence on horror fiction today. It also has a lot of philosophical food for thought and a fantastic setting: a new form of art that encapsulates human cruelty and a nihilistic way of experiencing life.

Children of No One is a fascinating novella that I highly recommend, but one that could have been so much more had we the chance to explore just a little further.

I'm really looking forward to see what Nicole Cushing is capable of presenting to us in the future.