Night of the Assholes

Night of the Assholes - Kevin L. Donihe Night of the Assholes only confirmed something I all ready knew: the world is full of assholes.

Myself included.

It also confirmed that assholery is contagious. If you're an asshole to an asshole in Night of the Assholes, then you become an asshole yourself. I believe that in real life it is the other way around, but this formula works very well for Night of the assholes.

This book reminded me of our own race and how every one of us would probably be like the assholes in this book if we always acted out all the angry, lusty, greedy, inconsiderate thoughts and emotions every time we had them. Sometimes we do, but we also have what I like to call "the editor" in our heads. It makes us choose our battles, the appropriate times to make a pass on the opposite sex, where to defecate, etc. These assholes, however, do whatever it is that enters their minds.

I have met and known assholes who didn't seem to have an internal editor at all, which made this book feel somehow triumphant.

There are a lot of funny parts to this book, and the characters were a lot of fun to follow. The entire book was a fun read, in fact, and I felt that it worked really well as a parody of Night of the Living Dead.

A good, solid read. I highly recommend it.